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Mobile Kid-in-a-bubble - big set
Mobile Kid-in-a-bubble - big set
Manufacturer: Tuban, EU

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Kid-In-A-Bubble is one of the most mesmerizing bubble tricks. Yes, you guessed it, with it you can enclose children or even adults in a giant soap bubble. 

The amazing experience of floating inside a soap bubble is one that children dream about. It also looks unbelievably live, when the bubble morphs into shapes while surrounding a person. This compact set allows you to perform this trick in any place, including tiny, crowded spaces.

Thanks to it's minimalistic built, you don't need a truck to carry it around. Large diameter of the gutter allows you to enclose kids of every age as well as their parents. The low profile helps you preserve your bubble liquid and wide diameter of the gutter allows you to pour enough liquid for dynamic and quick fun, as well asfor a long session. The collapsible construction of the rim is meant for easy carrying. Moreover the rim is made of light materials so that you don't get tired too early while closing in a bubble.

Big Mobile Kid-In-A-Bubble set is designed to be a modest-looking accessory, which doesn't distract the viewers' attention during photographing the actual action of closing children in a bubble. Thanks to that the kids have better photos.

This set is suitable for every occasion!

It doesn’t matter if it’s birthday, wedding, party, playing with kids or a romantic evening – the Kid-In-A-Bubble Set will provide you, all your friends and children with a lot of fun and joy.

How to enclose a kid in a bubble?


  1. Put an oilcloth* on the floor so you can easily and quickly pack your stand when you finish without leaving a stained floor with slippery bubble liquid on it
  2. Put the rim and gutter on it
  3. In the middle of the rim put a rubber* folded two times – the children will be later standing on it and after the fun time you can wipe the oilcloth and the equipment with it.
  4. Pour bubble liquid into the gutter – nearly to the edge.

*Easy to get accessories. They are not a part of this set.



The child stands on the square, folded rubber. With a firm movement put the rim up to an appropriate height, leaving an approximate space of 30 cm between the rim and the top of the child’s head. Then keep the rim for some time in one place - the bubble should close by itself. Yet of the bubble keeps bursting after some trials you can use a secret bubbling trick. Just get something like a flower sprinkler and put water in it. So if the bubbles won’t work just spritz the air above the kid’s head with it. A moist breeze should help :)

At the end just use a funnel pour the liquid from the gutter into a bottle for used liquid. The liquid you can save for the next time.


  • gutter’s height: 3 cm
  • gutter’s width: 3.5 cm
  • gutter’s outer diameter: 3.5 cm
  • gutter’s inner diameter: 70 cm
  • ring’s diameter: 83 cm
  • handle’s length: 54 cm

The price includes Big mobile kid-in-a-bubble set (a rim and a gutter).


Within one usage around 1 liter of bubble liquid is being exploited. It is recommended to replace the liquid at least once a month or more if the usage is more intensive.

And if you are wondering which liquid to buy for this set, we recommend THIS one – it is proved to be the best in the world. (Of course we do have different capacites - just look through our offer :) )

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