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Prop Fuel - Paraffin Oil 1l
Prop Fuel - Paraffin Oil 1l

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Paraffin oil - fuel for artistic work with the fire.

No scent, no smoke, no colour. Italian paraffin oil, that gives you big, light and smokeless flame.

This fuel is used for fireshow. Low flash-point makes it easy to use both in summer and winter. It also assures longer lasting kevlar coats in your fire props. Thanks to proper consistency and viscosity, the liquid soaks into kevlar perfectly and the amount of spilled oil during spinning is reduced. 

Paraffin oil should be kept out of children’s reach and in cool place. This product doesn’t freeze up to -40 °C. The liquid can get yellowish with time - it is the effect of it’s properties and it is not a defect of the product. 


  • No smell
  • No smoke
  • No colour
  • Gives big flame
  • Soaks well
  • Doesn’t freeze up to -40 °C

Price for 1 piece.

Warning! This product is dangerous! Use only for soaking kevlar equipment. Avoid contact with skin. Due to the possibility of getting burned the equipment should be used only by people already having some experience in working with fire. Neither the shop nor the producer do not accept any responsibilities for damages caused by incorrect and inaccurate usage. 

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Other clients' comments
Kiryl V. 10/10
   bardzo dobra parafina, 1 litr starcza na dość długo, polecam.
by: 03-04-2020
   po różnych eksperymentach wreszcie znaleźliśmy ten i z powodzeniem używamy. Oby go nie zabrakło
by: 02-04-2020
Jan Z. 10/10
   Najlepsza parafina, polecam.
by: 25-02-2020
Tomasz P. 10/10
   Polecam, daje radę
by: 04-08-2019
   Na tą chwilę najlepszy. Nie wiem czy będę szukać w przyszłości inny, bo z tego jestem bardzo zadowolona.
by: 16-05-2018
danuta z. 10/10
   dobry olej
by: 14-12-2016
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