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Frame Up Magic
Frame Up Magic

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Show a large envelope with a prediction inside. A spectator selects a card. Let's say the nine of hearts. Proclaim that your prediction is correct! Open the envelope and remove a framed piece of transparent plastic, showing the entire deck of cards, faces on one side and backs on the other! Of course, the prediction is correct - all the cards are there! Not very impressive. Offer to take it a step further. Ask the spectator to hold her hand above the frame and concentrate on her card. The card is shown. Magic!

Price for one piece. The set comes without deck of cards.

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Other clients' comments
Kiryl V. 10/10
   Efekt bardzo fajnie wygląda, nie trzeba dużo się uczyć a wychodzi.
by: 23-06-2019
Karol T. 8/10
   Pomysł kosztuje. Trochę drogo, ale zaskoczenie jest. Duży plus, można dać do sprawdzenia.
by: 10-03-2018
Mateusz U. 10/10
   Efekt jest rewelacyjny :) Wykonanie samej sztuczki banalne, polecam !
by: 15-02-2018
Bolesław S. 10/10
   Bardzo mocny efekt który zadziwia każdego widza.
by: 14-12-2016
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