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Portable Contact Staff
Portable Contact Staff
Manufacturer: Gora, HU

Price:135,00 €

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This is the ultimate contact staff! For using this staff, you don’t even have to learn contact tricks, this staff knows how to work itself!

A good contact staff must have a good swing, which is only possible if the ends are heavy, while the middle is light. The body of the staff is made by a "Space Tech" aluminum alloy 7075, what has same tensile strenght like steel, but light like aluminum and flexible, so it is never breaking or banding.

The staff has silicone protectors near the fireheads. In general, if you make a mistake with moving the contact , the heated metal can cause serious fire burns but this will not happen as the silicone parts are there to protect you. 

The flowers estabilish the movement of the staff, they slow the rolling a bit. Furthermore the rubber gives additional weight for the spin. If you like, you can take it down and attach back as you like.

A soft grip is very suitable but it wears out after about a year. Tennis grip is more sticky and absorbs the sweat, but it is very thin. The best solution is to combine the two materials.

The portable version is 100% straight and doesn’t move or wobble. It is fixed by rubber joints in tension, so the flexible connection is take over the force and will not even move or cluck after a time.


  • Lenght: 150 cm
  • Travel lenght: 60 cm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Diameter: 28 mm
Price for 1 piece.

Warning! Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquids. Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it, or keep it horizontal! Handle the grip carefully to avoid damages.

Do not burn the prop to the end. If you see a blue flame it means you should immediately put it out (actually you should have done it some time earlier). The best way to extinguish the flame is to stifle it with a fire blanket. After usage soak the prop in the same oil you have been using before. Do not light it right after using - wait until it get cold. For the equipment to serve you for along time use only paraffin oil without alcohol addition.

Warning! This product is dangerous! Due to the possibility of getting burned the equipment should be used only by people already having some experience in working with fire. Neither the shop nor the producer do not accept any responsibilities for damages caused by incorrect and inaccurate usage. 

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Other clients' comments
Robert 9/10
   Ogólnie kijek zajebisty ;) tylko pomyślcie o ich pakowaniu, bo ma lekko obdrapaną owijkę przy środku :P, jest dość ciężki w porównaniu do starej mojej gory ale to nadal zaje*isty kij ;) polecam :)
by: 20-08-2014
Radek 10/10
   Kij po prostu przepiękny, mój wymarzony fajnie ze jest składany bo bez problemu można podróżować i mało miejsca zajmuje ;D jestem bardzo zadowolony z kija XD
i dziękuje za szybka wysyłkę
by: 09-08-2011
   Kijek nieziemski. Złożony wygląda jakby z jednego kawałka. Nikt nie przypuszcza, że to się rozkłada. Nic nie klekocze, czy brzdęka. Wyważony rewelacyjnie. Idealny w podróży, delikatnie pieści zmysły :-))
Dziękuję za sprzęt i szybką wysyłkę.
by: 05-05-2011
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