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Boomerang Staff
Boomerang Staff
Manufacturer: Gora, HU

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The Boomerang Staff, also called Chain Staff, is a hybrid between a Short Stick, a Levi Stick and a Rope Dart.
“The first time I have seen a boomerang staff was in the hand of the amazing Japanese performer – and good friend - Kiwamu Miyakubo. The rhythm of movement of the boomerang staff was like nothing I have seen before, and Kiwamu’s stage presence and his amazing tricks with the chain staff were very impressive.”
The design of the Boomerang Staff is identical as that of the Fire Juggling Staff. The core tube is made of the extremely durable and lightweight 15 mm x 1 mm 7075 aluminum alloy. The tube is covered with heatproof silicone to protect you from the hot metal on the two sides, and soft spongy EPDM grips for the middle part. 
The chain can be attached in two different positions affecting the style of play: either in the geometrical middle, or in a side position such as the position for a Levi Stick. You can make your choice under the parameter “Pivot”. The chain is attached with a strong swivel to support rotation movement. 
Price for 1 piece.

Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquids! Do not hold the staff vertically. Spin it or keep it horizontal! Handle the grip carefully to avoid damage.

Do not burn the prop to the end. If you see a blue flame it means you should immediately put it out (actually you should have done it some time earlier). The best way to extinguish the flame is to stifle it with a fire blanket. After usage soak the prop in the same oil you have been using before. Do not light it right after using - wait until it get cold. For the equipment to serve you for along time use only paraffin oil without alcohol addition.

Warning! This product is dangerous! Due to the possibility of getting burned the equipment should be used only by people already having some experience in working with fire. Neither the shop nor the producer do not accept any responsibilities for damages caused by incorrect and inaccurate usage. 

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