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Manufacturer: Shao
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ATTENTION! The promotional price applies to the set without a cover. All other elements, i.e. 2 construction connectors, a badge and access to training materials are included.

That astonishing magic is Shaotic. The idea and the prop designed, and created by a dark lord of prop manipulation – Shao. Pioneer and founder of many manipulation techniques. His YouTube videos are very popular, and movement sequences that are shown on his channel, are an inspiration that is repeated all over the world. It is the prop that was created to open new field of kinetic illusions. 
The prop was mainly created to build kinetic optical illusion. A field that connects illusion with an art of juggling. It can be presented on stage, but also in smaller spaces. Shaotic combines advantages of well-known juggling props. Although, his main purpose is manipulation, it works very well as spinning (staff or poi techniques) or tossing prop. If you are a person that play with poi, staff, buugengs, and nunchakus, or if you manipulate the hula hoop, you already have the skills to excel with Shaotic.
With this prop, you get the access to video tutorials, where you will learn the basis of Shaotic manipulation. Video materials were shot by an author and creator – sophisticated and well-known stage performer Shao.
What is inside the set?
In this magic set, besides the prop, you receive:
• Dedicated case
• Access to video tutorials
• 2 connectors to build the construction
• Shao badge
Shaotic system allows to combine props, build movable structures, and animate their movement. It provides new possibilities of innovative and unique shows. The construction is very simple and portable. In a moment you can disassemble the set to transport it, and in a blink of an eye assemble it again.
Product is reusable. Very light and fall-resistant, perfect at any level of skill. 
Price for set – Shaotic, case, badge, 2 connectors and access to video tutorials, where you will learn amazing techniques of manipulation.

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Other clients' comments
   Rewelacja. To jak odkrycie na nowo Ameryki. Z dużym prawdopodobieństwem biorąc do ręki shaotyki wymyślisz sztuczki których nikt jeszcze nie zrobił. Coś co jest bardzo trudne w innych rekwizytach tu masz po chwili zabawy. Polecam śledzić #shaotic i zobaczyć co ludzie z tym wyprawiają.
by: 25-12-2020
   Rekwizyt uzależnia, cały czas ćwiczę i ćwiczę. Mogłem kupić od razu dwa
by: 03-04-2020
Grzegorz U. 10/10
   Polecam, produkt wykonywał profesjonalista
by: 01-04-2020
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