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Sponge Hearts Magic
Sponge Hearts Magic

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The magician explains that this is not some normal sponge ball trick. This effect is something special - it involves red sponge hearts.
After a series of tricky moves with both hands, the magician asks spectators which hand they think the heart is hidden in.
The spectators always guess wrong because the sponge hearts are not only multiplies, but they are always jumping around in the magician's hands!
Ultimately, the magician ask for their final guesses, but their answers make no difference as they will never expect that the magician has MULTIPLIED his sponge hearts into a JUMBO SPONGY HEART!

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Other clients' comments
Kiryl V. 10/10
   Tak jak kolega mówi niżej, nadaje się do par. Gorąco polecam każdemu.
by: 20-06-2019
Mateusz K. 10/10
   Super gabczki. Efekt dla par idealny. Ludzie nie mogą oderwać wzroku
by: 12-12-2017
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